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So a little bit about me, My name is Katie and im 28. Never in my right mind if you spoke to me a few years ago would I ever imagine I would be in this position, afterall I didn't even know how to work a sewing machine when I left school. 

I have always been quite creative but never really used my talents for anything. I began working in retail (as most youngsters do). I then went on to work in corporate hospitality (basically a posh way of saying I was a receptionist haha). I've always been interested in pushing myself into different sectors so why not accept the new challenge. 

I got into sewing due to my dad owning Jays Sewing Machine Repairs (pat on the back for the shout out dad! you're welcome!!), he suggested I try it and I won't lie I protested it for a long time but finally gave in. Now I would never go back.

I learnt sewing in the furniture industry sewing 3 piece suits and sewing isn't a job for me anymore, it's my life and my happiness. So why not venture out and see what else I could create right?

Thats where MyClub_Cushions began... As an avid sports fan (Rugby and Ice Hockey) I've had many old jerseys just sitting around gathering dust, that's where the idea started. 

Now I upcycle your old jerseys or any sports t-shirts/jackets/hoodies etc.. into some pretty awesome cushions and bean bags! It's a perfect way to cherish those old jerseys that you love and also a way to cherish your keepsakes too. 

If you have any queries or have seen something that you can't get and think that i may be able to help please don't hesitate and throw me that email!!

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you,

Lots of Love



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