So a little bit about me, My name is Katie and im 24. Never in my right mind if you spoke to me a few years ago would I ever imagine I would be in this position, afterall I didn't even know how to work a sewing machine when I left school. 

I have always been quite creative but never really used my talents for anything. I began working in retail (as most youngsters do). I then went on to work in corporate hospitality (basically a posh way of saying I was a receptionist haha). I've always been interested in pushing myself into different sectors so why not accept the new challenge. 

I got into sewing due to my dad owning Jays Sewing Machine Repairs (pat on the back for the shout out dad! you're welcome!!), he suggested I try it and I won't lie I protested it for a long time but finally gave in. Now I would never go back.

I learnt sewing in the furniture industry sewing 3 piece suits and sewing isn't a job for me anymore, it's my life and my happiness. So why not venture out and see what else I could create right?

Thats where MyClub_Cushions began... As an avid sports fan (Rugby and Ice Hockey) I've had many old jerseys just sitting around gathering dust, that's where the idea started. 

Now I upcycle your old jerseys or any sports t-shirts/jackets/hoodies etc.. into some pretty awesome cushions! It's a perfect way to cherish those old jerseys that you love and also a way to cherish your keepsakes too. 

As well as doing cushions I've started venturing out, I now make facemasks due to the current climate, drawstring bags and I'll even be producing beanbags soon!!! (I for one am so so so excited about that last one)

ALSO recently I've had a lot of people get in touch with me in regards to garden furniture... this is something that I am able to do but please send me a message to discuss further.

If you have any queries or have seen something that you can't get and think that i may be able to help please don't hesitate and throw me that email!!

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you,

Lots of Love



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